We Are Officially Beginning the Journey

October 9, 2019. Russell and I went before the IPHC World Mission Counsel to share our hearts about our work in Uganda. My heart was racing. I was excited, nervous, scared to death all at the same time. This has been a childhood dream to be a missionary.

We shared a documentary about the work we do in Uganda. After it was over, I just fumbled with my words. Russell, my knight in shining armor, quickly jumped in and began to share. Then he turned it back over to me. I took a deep breath and shared from the deepest places of my heart. I shared our love for Uganda. I shared the visions God had given us. And mixed in with everything, I shared our love for sharing the sweet gospel message.

They asked questions. We both answered. We spoke for about an hour and a half. Then we were asked to leave the room. The Counsel had to vote on whether or not to approve us. They had our application, our references, our psychological reports, and now they heard our hearts.

Then we were asked to step out. We waited quietly in the hallway. Then they invited us back in. We were unanimously voted in and accepted as full time missionaries to Uganda! My heart is just overwhelmed with complete joy.

Now we begin itinerating. We have a budget. Now to raise the support! The goal is to head to our new God adventure in the fall of 2022. We praise God and are humbled that He would choose us for this great commission.

We have much to do. We value your prayers for our family as we begin this next phase of life to prepare for Uganda!

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