The Journey Begins

Life on Two Continents is the memoirs of two simple people who said yes to the great God adventure. It began as a simple seed that was planted into a teenager’s heart to become a missionary. A seed that was left in the soil for many years while the ground was being prepared. A vision that would be given in May of 2004 that would be prayed over for ten years. In 2014, God began to water that seed and it went from being a dormant stage to germinating. A simple visit to Uganda would be the water that made the seed germinate. An obedient heart caused it to grow and establish roots. A return visit to Uganda would cause that seed to sprout. The great God adventure began, and each day God is writing a new chapter.

We welcome you to our story, which is really His story through us. Life on two continents has been a journey through many hills and valleys. Sacrifice. For our entire family. It is a journey of having our hearts on two continents, feeling a constant tug of war. It is about trying to find balance between two totally different worlds. Sleepless nights. Tear stained pillows. Finding strength in God through our weaknesses. Discovering joy through trials. Learning to have faith in what we cannot see. Developing deeper trust in our God. Learning to pray through situations that are out of our hands. Trusting God and His Word as promises we can believe in. Loving big. Dying to self. Living for One.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

Helen Keller

Welcome to the journey…

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